social media management

A picture is worth a thousand words

With content that is shareable, likeable, and image-centric, social media is a transformative medium. It provides a means for brands to connect directly with customers and has become an essential channel in an increasingly mobile environment. The fluidity and opportunity presented by social media necessitate a social media management program.

Did you know:

  • Almost 80% of time spent on social media platforms is on mobile, Marketing Land, April 2016
  • 59% of Americans with social media accounts think that customer service through social media has made it easier to get questions answered and issues resolved, Hootsuite Survey, May 2016

A powerful digital marketing tool, social media can:

  • Dramatically increase the views of your content
  • Build brand awareness and loyalty
  • Reach untapped audiences
  • Drive traffic to your website
  • Directly influence consumer buying decisions

At RB, we understand the nuances, risks and potential inherent in an interactive medium like social media. We will integrate social media into your digital marketing strategy, engage your audience and help grow your business. Read one of our social media success stories, and contact us if you're ready to talk social media.