Drive results with data analytics

Every successful digital marketing strategy begins with a set of agreed goals. What follows is a rigorous, consistent measurement of campaign performance against those goals.

The ability to analyze return on investment (ROI) across campaigns and rapidly change course are what differentiate digital marketing from more traditional forms of media.

Did You Know:

Google Analytics

86% of all websites that use traffic analytics tools are using Google Analytics. —BusinessDIT

Marketing Landscape

Nearly 80% of marketers say their industry changed more in the past three years than it has in the last five decades. —Hubspot

At Resourceful Business, we are passionate about performance transparency and helping clients achieve meaningful ROIs. However, as the marketing landscape shifts daily, it can be hard for marketing teams and companies to keep up. 

We know that your success translates to our agency's success. 

Our team prides itself on not just knowing how to pull meaningful data, but also understanding how to use it to inform the marketing strategy. Data analytics requires a technical understanding of platforms such as: 

  • Google Analytics
  • Looker Studio
  • Social media ad platforms
  • Email providers
  • Google Business Profile

Not quite sure where to begin, but you know it's time? We would love to help.