digital marketing

Reach the audience you want

Digital marketing communicates your message in entirely new ways. You can engage and interact with your audience, have a conversation that is real-time and drive ongoing user engagement with a broad, multi-channel approach.

Did you know:

  • Almost two-thirds of 18- to 49-year-old people get their news and information online – and those numbers are growing. Pew Research
  • There are over 99,000 Google searches every second. –Internet Live Stats

Unlike traditional advertising, the power of digital marketing lies in its ability to reach unique audiences on so many different platforms. A multi-channel strategy can reinforce a message, tell the same story in a new way, and give new energy to each component of a marketing campaign. Most importantly, success can be measured, and digital marketing strategies can be rapidly adapted.

At Resourceful Business, we target the audience you want when you want, and we will amplify your message in a way that inspires potential customers to “opt-in” and learn more.


Audience Targeting

Digital marketers propel reach in ways that traditional media simply cannot by using Pay Per Click advertising, search engine optimization (SEO), and social media ads. Content is fine-tuned to engage the right audience at exactly the right time.


Message Amplification

Websites, social media platforms, video explainers, testimonials, and email campaigns are a few examples of essential content marketing tools used to get your message out and answer the question every lead will ask – WHY should I work with you?


Search engine optimization (SEO) drives quality inbound marketing traffic to your website. When customers are searching for your products and services, skillful SEO incorporates search ranking factors and helps your target audience find you.


Distinct from social media or lead generation platforms, a website is your most important “owned” digital asset. An essential investment, it is the hub of inbound marketing activity and the face of your brand. See RB's recent work.

Pay Per Click

Advertising no longer requires a broad-brush approach. Using geographic and demographic filters, digital advertising targets your most likely customers, and you pay only when they click on your website or call.

Social Media Management

Social media content is shareable, likeable, eye-catching and conversational. An interactive medium that must be managed consistently and strategically, it can catapult customer engagement, grow brand awareness and drive new leads.

Social Media Ads

Using audience targeting, paid ads on social media dramatically expand content reach and engage potential customers. Social ads can be hyper-local, use demographic targeting or capture passing mobile users with geofencing.

Email Campaigns

Mobile-friendly, clickable, shareable email campaigns are remarkable lead generation tools. A perfect way to discuss industry developments, share your latest blog or offer a new promotion, emails land right in your audience’s inbox.